Can you hydroseed over existing lawn?

Nelson Tasman Hydroseeding can hydroseed over patchy existing lawn.  The existing grass and turf must be mowed short with new topsoil added. The surface will need to be raked flat and soft where you are still able to leave a footprint in it – not packed down/compacted. We can recommend excellent local Landscapers to complete this prep work if requested.

How long for the surface to settle?

Hydroseeding is a process of spraying a mixture onto your topsoil, this may fluff up the topsoil but is necessary to provide good seed to soil contact. The ground and soil will settle over time. After the grass is established, you may want to use a roller over the new lawn if any high spots remain.

Does the new lawn require water?

Absolutely! Caring for your hydroseed lawn requires consistent watering to help the seeds to take root. Immediately after the hydroseed process is complete, make sure the area is moist but make sure no areas are saturated or have standing water.

How long will it take for the grass to grow?

4-6 weeks, you will start to see an established lawn – you must be patient with it. You need to follow our care instructions and will see faster or slower growth in some areas – this is completely normal.

Weather conditions

Weather is unpredictable – we do our best to avoid this, but the weather can change quickly. If you have a washout due to rain within 7 days, contact us for an action plan.